My 'O' level result

Woke up this morning..woke up by the human alarm in the form of my brother asking me to wake up...told me my mobile fell on the floor*not again*..picked it up then i realised there were 2 msgs and 1 miss-call...*that woke me up*..checked it..msg from my mom..told me to wke up and eat breakfast..then the other msg from my dear friend yanee...asked me if the results has been released or not~..simply replied that there was a chance of it coming out 2day...then noticed the miss-call was from her too...then i felt that the results might finally come 2day~

jumped out of bed...wnt straight to the comp to check it in the internet...*still nothin*...then went down to get a snack...*still didn't take a shower*...after a while i realised my mobile was low on i decided to charge it...*i registered a service on my mobile..and wouldn't work if my mobile was turned off* i hurried to my room..charged my mobile..then there was a call from my mom..answered it..told me the results have been released..*went oh shit*...then rushed to my room to check any SMS from the service..*still nothin*..then all of a sudden there was a call from my friend Taqib...from hios voice it sounded like he got his results..and my guess was 6 'O' i said my congrats...*was feelin scared of my results cos i didn't get mine yet*....after that juz decided to take a shower..then suddently i hear a my msg ringtone...opened it...and ....*shocked* 6 'O'....3 'B' and 3'C'..was shocked as hell....

Remember the game i said i was addicted to~? well i've nvr stopped playin it and look i've achieved lvl 74..was a hard effort from lvl 1 to lvl 74 in juz  3 month~*imagine the hard work~*
well met some cool new fren in there~it's rele a fun place to be...might also mention the lag and error msg in there~pretty much ruins everythin at certain times~
oh should also mention the tons of characters i change into in there...i dun stay as 1 character for very long~confuses many ppl i must say :P
there are tons of other facebook games that i was addicted to since i joined FB...too many to mention in here~hmm...speakin of those games..i might play it rite now~well gtg..cya ard~
let me leave you guys with thing thing*sry if it doesn't work though*

Sorry,dead blog revived!

Woah!check my last post..wht date isit?..oh shit..5th november 2008!how long was that...very long i must say...well i was away and couldn't find time to write a blog*lies*..well nt rele..2 b honest i had plenty of's juz that i spend the whole time enjoying lyfe...went to do stuff outside n all that...who would wanna spent their whole time stuck on a comp all day anyway..*no offence to the ppl who do that*..well the reason i'm writing here is bcoz i'm bored*way obvious*and also to test my typing skills on my lil bro's new PSP*jealous*..and to apologize on my inactiveness on bloggin over here...*wait y am i writing all this?!'s nt like anyone reads this crap*..anywayz if anyone happens to read my blog n love it thx a lot..and 2 those who thinks m juz wasting my time blogging here and thinks this is crap well i feel the same way 2~:P well cya ard..might write more if i happen to be bored~

My new addiction...facebook apps!!!


Well it all started when one of my friend introduced facebook to me..well i couldn't care less about facebook(since i have friendster) was one of the app that caught my was 'Premier football'..well basically you make a football team by choosing 11 of your friends as your player...i saw him putting positions for his player..making the name of his teaam..and all of that sorta caught my i made my facebook a/c..firstly i's not like friendster..and it's not very complex like's more easier t use after i finished my details for facebook..i began to search for the app 'primier football'..but i found this game caled 'my heroes ability' i played that game first..and woo!!..i was getting addicted to it...i started with the ability superhuman i got stronger i bought/learnt superhuman strength..and soon i'll be able to get flight..well it really check it out in facebook..owh and i aslo found the app 'premier football' it's addicting too..and i tried 'pet society'..its fun too...

How i ended up with the cube

in my previous post..i told you how i got my i'm telling you how i got interested in these puzzles...bermula msa sport day SM Berakas..ada kwan ku ani men rubik's cube(3x3x3 cube)..mula2 i didn't care much about the cube..then ada ia becakp yg ia dpt solve in 2 mins...which really caught my atention...then balik rumah tarus mencari cube ku yg lama..which i couldn't find..then esoknya i decided to buy a new came with the instruction and all...but it seemed like nothing to me back then..psl inda tau menau psl men solve cube ani wah..then each day..cube sja tah di tangan ani..sampai makan pun membwa(baik jua mandi inda membawa..haha)...tpi gagal..masih inda dpt solve bah..then aku search d website youtube 'how to solve a 3x3x3 rubik's cube'..ku pikir nada...mcm impossible lah tu men solve cube ani back then..haha..then ada cha..c dan brown ani..ku liat..mula2 inda plng paham apa2..then i watched it over n over again...mcm 15 kli x slh sja..then after 2 weeks(sometin like that)..bru tah dpt..and i was overwhelmed...terlalu gembira..ku show off lah arah cousin semua...
ku pikir pandai lah aku ani..then i decided to time myself..first time 2mins sometin x..rasa bangga lah..thyen aku search youtube..rupanya ada lgi orng beberapa seconds sja...gila x!!!!...ada lgi kanak2 damit wah mcm 1 min berusaha2..sampai dpt 1 min 29 saat..feels great!!! msa ani trying to improve my time...if lju bnr..masuk competition...(ada hari atu rubik's cube competition wah d OGDC..tpi sayang inda ku ikut..takut kalah)..i now reason ku lame..but i want to show the people my best when dpt less than 1 mins...mesti masuk eyh...siuk x ah...haha

the puzzle family

the rubik's cube(took 1 mins 25 secs to solve!)

It all started with the rubik's cube or the 3x3x3 cube...then ku bli like 3 more of those 3x3x3 cube...(lps ku pandai men solve lah..duh!)..lps atu got bored..membli tah ku circle puzzle..which ku pikir pyah bnr..but it took me 1 day to solve..and i realised that cara solving 3x3x3 cube sma mcm circle puzzle...then it wen on to 2x2x2 cube..which i took 3 days to figure out!!...then the 4x4x4 cube which my lil bro accident(yeah right!)..then my mom bought me the irregular shaped puzzles..(and i accidentaly broke one piece..opps)..then the latest cube which was the pyramid cube...(bru belajar men solve..and finally dapat..whew) mcm handal lah men solve semua..feels lookin around for another puzzle to solve..but first i gotta solve the puzzle to pass my o level with flying colours..well it's a lot harder to solve than solving these toy puzzles..that's for sure...hehe..

The last man on earth is not alone..

I am legend is seriously a damn nice movie..gotta watch if for yourself..or buy the's about a virus..which was suppose to cure cancer..but akhirnya humanity made a deadly virus which made them all into darkseekers(zombie like creatures)n fed on the survivors..robert neville..a survivor in new york city manages to survive n tries to find a cure for the change them back to normal..find out will he find the cure..or will he die..A MUST SEE MOVIE!!!bali DVD nya!!!
The coolest part of the movie:(spoiler warning!!)

  1. for security..and protection from the zombie..he locks his windows..dooors..and al sorts of entrance with thick layer of metal...
  2. the zombies comes at night cos they can't see robert can only go out at day time..the way he lives through his life like nothin had happened..damn funny!!!
  3. when his dog turned into a zombie..and robert had to kill his own dog..sad part..
  4. the time the zombie set a trap and made robert stay until night time..and he got attacked
  5. he wanted to avenged for his dog so he tries to kill all the zombies by using his car..
  6. basically the whole movie was cool!!!